About us

Lithuanian company “Pletra Limited” was established in Kaunas, in 1990, and till now it is the unique industrial enterprise in Baltic States, producing elastic silicone external breast prostheses.

We manufacture approximately 3000 prostheses per year, and it makes 100% of such products in the Lithuanian market. The annual turnover of our enterprise is 450 000 Lt (litas), i.e. 112500 $, and it tends to increase depending to rising demand of the market. Our enterprise also produces other products from silicon rubber and PVC plastisol: orthofoot (heel pads), breast enhancers, various warmers – coolers, toe spacers etc.

The director of “Pletra Ltd” Mr. Vidas Cechanavicius, discussing outlook of the firm, represents the very humane mission of his enterprises as follows:

“In our view it is very important to reduce extremely increasing number of cases of breast cancer. We are very anxious about cases, when the diagnosis is defined in latest stages of the disease, and a resection of a breast is the last resort for a woman. In order to prevent such cases, we have recently developed a new product – a little breast moulage for self-testing of smallest tumors of a female breast. For women, who have already undergone such physical and psychological trauma as a surgical operation, we offer our elastic external breast prostheses, that are perfectly close-fitting, comfortable to wear, having excellent cosmetic external appearance and individually adjustable. I hope, our products will help many women, having breast cancer, to solve their psychological and physical problems.

In general, manufacture of orthopedic products is the generous business – no matter, whether one produces female breast prostheses or small, but useful interdigital dilators. Sometimes it induces to wonder, how frequently healthy fellow citizens undervalue the importance and scale of problems, that patients meet with.”