The mat is intended for curing bedsores and their prevention for heavy patients or disabled people, forced to lie or to sit at a stable position, who do not have the possibility to turn because of functional disorders. Thus, on the surface of their skin it can be formed bedsores. Correctly handling patient and using our mat “Dekabita”, it is easy to avoid the formation of bedsores. Also the mat, convoluted into the cylinder and put under the back of the head or the neck, can be used as special pad for treating the diseases of cervical vertebrae. Heated in the warm water to the temperature + 40-42°C it can serve as heater for the soothing of neuralgic pains. Cooled in the refrigerator to + 3-5°C the mat can be used instead of icy compress with the injuries, for decreasing the suffusions, which precede the formation of bedsores.
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Apply “Dekabita” under the patient or places under his back of the head so that the small cylinders, which are located on the surface of the mat, would be pointed to the side of body. Thus air freely circulates between the small cylinders, body hardly reeks with sweat and no bedsores forms. Apply “Dekabita” mat preliminarily sheathed by canvas or linen slipcover. If patient involuntarily was soaked, urine partially is absorbed into the slip and the rest of it is assembled in the mat between convex small cylinders. After flushing, drying the rag and changing a slip, a patient’s bed remains dry and clean.

“Dekabita” is made of silicone gels, permitted for handling in medicine. It distinguishes by its excellent properties: resistance to perspiration, water, urine, soap and other washing agents. It is possible to wash the mat by hot water (up to +80oC).