Toe spacers

Toe spacers of soft elastic silicone may help prevent deformity of the big toe of your foot and formation of non-hereditary bunions (Hallux Valgus). They are useful for keeping toes in a right state. The material, our spacer are made from, is harmless to human health and meets all the medical and hygiene requirements.

Toe spacer are available in pairs such four types according to width and high:

Toe spacers are resistant to sweat, soap, washing agents, alkali and hot water (+100oC), boilable for sterilization.
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Insert toe spacer between your toes so, that it’s wider side would be near the end of toes (near nails). It’s recommended to wear toe spacers constantly. If your feet with toe spacers do not fit in shoes, wear them in your house slippers. You must keep toe spacers inserted over a night. Washing your feet wash spacers with soap under flow of water too. If your feet perspire very mush, we recommend wrapping toe spacer in a coat of soft cotton.

Toe spacers are the items of personal use. If somebody else would like to use them, one must sterilize them boiling in water at least for 10 min.