Guoste – external breast prostheses

The elastic external breast prostheses of high quality are worn in a bra after breast resection or atrophy. Our external prostheses will help every female patient to cope with the post-surgical trauma related to partial or complete mastectomy. The women wearing these prostheses feel themselves more confident.

The external breast prostheses are made of especially strong and thin polyurethane outer covering filled with elastic silicone gel.
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Excellent cosmetic appearance, color of natural skin. Perfectly close fitting and comfortable to wear. Elasticity and shape are very comparable to natural bust.

Estimation of anatomically right prosthesis’ weight in conformity with healthy breast weigh protects from distortion of a spine.

Selection of a model is available according to individual anthropometrics data of the patient as well as to the shape and elasticity of the breast.

We offer wide variety of external prostheses’ shapes (left or right breast):

In exceptional cases a casting form can be made according to individual patient’s specifications.

Durable. With great care external prostheses can be used for several years.

High strength. Increased resistance to sweat, soap, washing agents, alkali, salt water and the sun.

Prostheses keep up their own shape and elasticity in temperature range from –40oC to +150oC.

Good thermal conduction. The cavities of special configuration exclude irritation of the skin; the body under the external prostheses does not sweat practically, thus excluding unpleasant sensation of the patient.

Manufacture of elastic breast external prostheses has been approbated by Lithuanian Ministry of Health.

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