Eleganta – silicon breast enhancers

Very elastic, intangible and flesh-colored silicone breast enhancers will make you feel comfortable and look natural. Use the “Eleganta” breast enhancers in a bra to correct your bust line and to increase the breast up to 1.5 – 2 times. It’s the best and simplest way to shape the ultimate fullness of your breast.

They fit well in any bra and keep steady when you dance, go in for sports and swim. They are resistant to sweat, soap, washing agents, alkali, chlorinated pool or salt seawater, sun, cold (to –40oC), heat (up to 100oC), thus enable you to stay physically active in any situation. Your body almost doesn’t sweat under breast enhancers because of their great thermal conduction. They don’t cause any uncomfortable feelings, skin allergy or skin irritation.

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“Pletra Ltd” is licensed to produce silicone breast enhancers and takes responsibility for the high quality health products. We meet all health and hygiene requirements and give a one-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Breast enhancers are simple in use. They don’t need additional fixation for inserting them in your bra. Put them into the bra with their rounder and broader side down.


Wash them at least once a week. During the hot summer everyday washing is recommended, because your body sweats more. Get off your sharp jewelry before taking out breast enhancers, so you don’t damage their thin covering film. Wash them with soap and lukewarm water using a soft sponge or by hands. Don’t use a brush or other things with sharp edges while washing the enhancers. Then dry their surface gently with a towel. As soon as they are dry you can insert them back into your bra.

The thin and strong outer film covering the silicone gel is the inseparable part of breast enhancers. Do not detach it in order to avoid damage of the article. Be careful playing with sharp-nailed pets. For example, cat’s claws can scratch the covering of breast enhancers even through your clothes. Store enhancers in their original packing when not in use.


Could breast enhancers fall out when wearing them?
Practically not. They are made from very elastic material that fills up the space between your breast and a bra. They shape the form of a bra cup and snuggle up to your body very comfortably.

Does woman need to wear a special bra?
No, she doesn’t. However, it’s recommended to sew on special “pockets” inside a usual bra and wear enhancers inward. It is more convenient getting off or putting on a bra.

Is it comfortable to have breast enhancers inside the bra?
Yes, it is. It feels very natural having them inside a bra. The inserts will get warm up to the body temperature within few minutes. Breast enhancers are as elastic as the breast, so woman doesn’t feel herself uncomfortable.

Can woman swim wearing breast enhancers?
Yes, she can. The enhancers are resistant to salt or chlorinated water. It is recommended to wear them inside the “pockets”, so they wouldn’t fall out.

How long the enhancers last?
With proper care they will last for years.

Can woman bask in the sauna?
Yes, she can. The enhancers are made from material, which doesn’t change its quality even heated up to 100oC. It never gets so hot in a sauna.