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Ortopedic products:
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Other products:
     Technical details

Perfect properties of silicone resin enable its various applications in the wide range of industries to produce miscellaneous technical details and fittings or to cover them with silicone coat.

Silicones are organic polymers of silica, invented in the sixties. Silicone rubber is a material of high chemical inertness, resistant to environmental impact (oxygen, ozone, water and light), usable both in high (+260oC) and low (-70oC) temperature. Silicones are distinguished for its good features of electro-insulation and friction-resistance. For itís perfect shaping properties silicone rubber enable to reproduce various forms or to cover with silicone coat items, having fairly elaborate relief and design. Silicone coating preserves articles from corrosion. It is highly ecological material; to certain purpose one of silicone resin applications is the manufacture of breast prostheses.

For our potential partners, who are interested in joint production or our services of manufacture as per orders, we offer:

  • Manufacture of technical articles (particularly of small details and fittings) of silicone resin as well as PVC plastics by casting mean, such as suction cups for printing machinery, various insertions, liners, profiles with numerous holes, formed plates and articles, molded items, and the like;
  • Service of coating with silicone various metal surfaces;
  • Foundry of miscellaneous soft casts for further molding works.

As separate kind of our activity we produce in-door and out-door illuminated signs, billboards and stands for window-cases and lounges, based on color illuminants and mechanic motion. We accept orders for production under projects and design of our clients.

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