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The Methodic of Self-control of Female Breast

The small silicone mould is a teaching aid, resembling a natural female breast by its solidity and color, made of silicone gel, coated with strong PVC film, containing small artificial swellings inside, similar to those, that possible to be found in real breast. A woman, touching and pressing by her fingers such a mould, could easy imagine the appearance and sensation of real tumor inside a breast.

We complete moulds with the brochure “Is It Healthy?” written by doctor oncologist Edita Juodzbaliene. This edition introduces women with methods of self-examination, instructs them right motions of grasping swellings inside their breasts. There one could found comprehensive general information on breast cancer, contemporary methods of diagnostics and treatment, a lot of helpful advices by medical professional.

The mould of female breast is an inseparable part of our project “Is It Healthy? The Methodic of Self-control of Female Breast”. The project was initiated by Lithuanian Women - Breast Cancer Patients Association on purpose to prevent increase of breast cancer cases in Lithuania, to induce early diagnostics of Breast cancer, to teach women methods of breast self-examination.

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